Written Update: Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai: Sameer and Naina get into a massive fight

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MUMBAI: The episode starts with Sameer asking Naina why there was a plastic cover on the sofa. She replies that she put it on to safeguard the sofa. He calls her middle class. Naina gets annoyed.

Sameer and his friends head upstairs to fly kites. Mamaji calls Tauji and complains against Sameer. He tells how he took Rs 50,000 to give to Naina’s father. Tauji understands from where the money at Anand’s place had come from.Naina decides to give sweets to Sameer. Kamya and Preeti tease her.

Sameer narrates the story of his dinner night with Naina to his friends. Naina comes and Munna sees ladoos. Sameer and Naina argue over petty things. Sameer wonders why Naina has turned into a complete aunty and that she has problems with everything and is always acting like a miser. He complains to his friends about her.

Anand and Bela come with lots of grocery. Taiji taunts them. She says that they have come to know from where did Anand get money.Naina doesn’t like that he had complained to his friends about her.

16 Apr 2019 01:46 PM | TellychakkarTeam