Written Update: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Puru misbehaves with Naira

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MUMBAI: The episode starts with Naira not being keen to be a part of Ila’s project, but Kartik convinces her to take it up. She wants to focus on Gayu and Samarth’s wedding and is not confident about handling the project, but Kartik motivates her and boosts her moral.

Kartik wants her to focus on her career, so he extends the support she needs. Naira gives a demo of the presentation in the presence of the family members and is appreciated by them for the same. Puru, who has been waiting for an opportunity to misbehave with Naira, finally gets a chance to take her out all alone.

Kartik leaves for a meeting with Samarth, Anmol, Manish, and Akhil, while Puru insists Naira must accompany him for the presentation.

Ila decides to skip the presentation because she has to attend a video conference. Puru finally gets a chance to be with Naira.

Mansi, who does not want Naira to travel alone with Puru asks Dadi to stop them, but the latter dismisses her concerns. Naira reluctantly leaves with Puru and is visibly uncomfortable about the idea of travelling alone with him.

Mansi tries to stop Naira, but Puru speeds away with her in the car. After a while, Puru tells Naira that the meeting stands cancelled. Naira comes to know that Puru is lying because he hadn’t checked his phone that was lying on the dashboard of the car. Puru lies to her that he read the notification, but it is clear to Naira that his intentions aren’t good.

Naira receives a text message from Kartik stating that his meeting also stands cancelled. The latest developments strengthen Naira’s doubts about Puru’s character. At about the same time, Mansi makes a call to Naira, but Puru takes her phone away.

Mansi gets worried about Naira’s well-being and wishes to see her safe at home. Meanwhile, Puru takes an unknown route after Naira pretends to feel sick. Naira’s alertness and presence of mind save her from falling prey to Puru’s trap. Unwillingly, Puru returns to Goenka Villa with Naira and accuses her of hurting his sentiments.

Naira confronts him for lying and misbehaving with her. She tells him how he made her feel ever since she saw him for the first time. Ila, who overhears Naira’s accusations, slams her for slinging mud at her father.

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