Written Update: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita’s sudden return from London shocks the Bhallas

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MUMBAI: The episode starts with Seema fleeing from the market. She hides in a corner and manages a small blast. Sahil calls up Seema and tells her to leave the city right away.

Seema throws the phone sim and leaves.

Karan is worried as Ruhi doesn’t pick his calls. Rohan tells him to impress Ruhi and buy her some gift. Karan tries to avoid the conversation.

Shamshad comes to the office when Ruhi and Simmi get food for all the workers. He holds a man at gunpoint and threatens him to mix poison in the food.

Seeing no escape, he hesitantly goes ahead to mix the poison but fails when Karan catches him red-handed. He brings him in front of Raman.

Raman finally gets hold of the union leader. The leader gets beaten up the workers when they learn that he was involved in poisoning the food. Raman tells everyone to calm down. Finally, all his workers realise their mistake and get back to work.

The Bhallas come back home. Ruhi learns about the blast and gets worried about Seema. She tries to call her but fails to do so. Suddenly, Ishita returns from London and everyone is shocked. She informs them that she wanted to give them a surprise.

However, the Bhallas notice her indifference towards the family as she goes to take rest without talking to anyone. Shagun and Raman blame jet lag and let her take rest.

A while later, Raman panics as Ishita doesn’t open the door. He calls everyone and they start knocking at the door.

Ishita opens it and insults everyone for disturbing her as she was listening to music. She goes back to sleep.

Late in the night, Raman discovers Ishita is missing from the room. He finds her in the kitchen talking to someone over phone.

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