Written Update: Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Sikandar and Kullfi reunite

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MUMBAI: The episode begins with Udit Narayan extending his support to the Benaam group. He argues with the Pandit that he should not be hasty and eliminate them. Usha Uthup also tries to speak on their behalf and even apologizes for breaking the rule. Both the judges are basically hoping for Pandit to have a change of heart and let the kids stay. Sikandar’s eyes are filled with tears as he recounts all the lies Mahindra told him about Kullfi. Mia asks her team to shoot Sikandar’s reaction as it is pivotal.

The host asks Sikandar’s views on the subject and his speechlessness makes the host state that the singer is too amazed by their pure performance. Amyra starts crying and Loveleen is worried for her. The final scores are tallied where Udit Narayan gives them 9, Pandit gives them a zero, and Usha Uthup gives them a 10. Kullfi runs away from the stage and the other kids also follow her. Amyra also runs behind them as she wants to see how this goes. Benaam group’s guru Mahesh gives Kullfi a good hearing and tells her that Kullfi insulted him by changing the raga.

Kullfi tries to reason out with him but she is unable to. The guru is very upset with her and says the group is a zero. Mia is loving all the real content with the conflict. Sikandar follows Kullfi and calls Mahindra. He once again lies that Kullfi is with him. However, as Sikandar presses for a video call, Mahindra caves and reveals the truth. Mahindra reveals to Sikandar that he learnt about Kullfi being in a remand home and ran away with five other kids. Sikandar informs him that she has participated in Little Superstars. Sikandar walks up to Kullfi and hugs her. She doesn’t hug him back initially but later she hugs him and wipes his tears. Sikandar asks her about the remand home situation.

Kullfi then reveals that she came to him for help and expected him to help her and her friends. However. he drove her away. Mia continues to record their confrontation. Kullfi then tells him that she doesn’t want to hear a word from him and walks away. Sikandar tries to pursue her but Amyra stops him. She starts torturing him by saying that he wants his other daughter only. Sikandar calms Amyra down and waits in the audience as Amyra performs.

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