Written Update: Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Anurag fools Prerna; makes the cops arrest her

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MUMBAI: The episode begins with Anurag announcing that Prerna is his wife. He further adds that he is married to her and will always be with her. Komolika and Mohini are shaken by this and wonder what’s going on.

Prerna looks at the inspector and tells him that he knows the truth and should arrest Komolika. An angry Komolika drags Anurag in the room to speak to him.

At the Sharma residence, a prospective groom has come to meet Shivani. Suman asks Shivani and the boy to go to the next room and talk.

Meanwhile, Komolika is expressing her anger and telling Anurag that he better not play any games with her. Anurag calms her down and lets her know that she should not misunderstand him.

He wants her to trust him as he loves her. They then leave the room. Prerna is relieved to see Anurag and smiles at him. However, Anurag knows that if he takes Prerna’s side now, Komolika will not spare her later. The inspector asks Anurag to come down to the station and give a written letter to prove Prerna’s innocence.

But Anurag refuses to do that and says that their marriage was fake.

Immediately, Mohini also starts badmouthing about Prerna. The cops finally take Prerna away. She is very hurt by Anurag’s behaviour and states that she hates him. Komolika is pleased to see Prerna leave the house.

Shivani is having a conversation with the prospective groom and tells him about Ronit. He inquires if she still loves him, which she says is not true. The boy then asks her if she would like to get married, and Shivani agrees. But she notices Ronit and immediately starts screaming.

Ronit jumps in and starts telling Shivani that he loves her and wants to marry her. Shivani tells him that she is not interested in him and won’t marry him. But he starts threatening them by pointing a gun at the prospective groom. Shekhar asks him to leave, but Ronit refuses to do so. As Ronit continues to scare everyone with his gun, Veena slaps him. He then lets her know that he will not let Shivani get married to anyone else.

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