Shefali Jariwala demonstrates and explains how proning helps improve oxygen levels of COVID-19 patients

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As India is grappling with the second wave of the novel coronavirus pandemic, celebrities have been trying to raise awareness about dealing with the crisis. From sharing SOS messages on Covid-19 resources to information on dealing with the virus, stars are doing their bit to help people. Actress Shefali Jariwala recently took to Instagram to share proning details with her fans. She has also shared three medically accepted proning methods to improve oxygenation, therefore, beneficial to Covid-19 patients.

Shefali Jariwala demonstartes and explains how proning helps improve oxygen levels of COVID-19 patients

Shefali shared a video on Tuesday on her Instagram feed where she shows three medically approved methods of proning and how could proning help a great deal for some people if they are not able to access oxygen cylinders.

“If you are a COVID positive patient isolating at home and if your oxygen level is fluctuating and if it is going below 94%, what should you do? You should do proning. Proning is a medically proven, highly recommended technique to improve oxygen levels in your blood,” Shefali says in the video before demonstrating the technique.

Meanwhile, India is facing an acute shortage of medical resources with a massive surge in COVID-19 cases. While proning is a recommended technique to improve oxygen level, infected patients with low level of oxygen are highly advised to consult a doctor before approaching any technique.

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