Shabana Azmi down with swine flu

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A routine check-up for cough and cold has landed Shabana Azmi in hospital with a severe bout of swine flu. She is recuperating fast. But using the time in productive pursuits. “Rarely do I get a chance to lie back and introspect. This is an enforced break for me, and one that was long due,” says Shabana Azmi who has been travelling widely in connection with celebrations for the centenary of her father the great Kaifi Azmi.

Shabana Azmi down with swine flu

Shabana says she is constantly surprised by how much the young people know about Abba (Father)’s work. “It’s almost like a renaissance to hear the young recite his poems. To use his lines whenever they make are needed. So yes, I’ve been working hard to meet deadlines for various events in Abbba’s memory.”

Shabana says she doesn’t know where she acquired the swine flu. “I have not been in contact with any swine whatsoever. But I am in hospital recovering fast.”

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