Netflix debuts visually captivating first look of Tom Sturridge’s Dream from Neil Gaiman adaptation of The Sandman

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Netflix unveiled the first look at its highly anticipated live-action adaptation on The Sandman on Saturday, September, at the TUDUM: A Netflix Global Fan Event. Neil Gaiman (Author and EP), Tom Sturridge (Dream), and Kirby Howell-Baptiste (Death) reveal a mind-bending and visually captivating first look based on the comic books created for DC by Neil Gaiman.

Netflix debuts first look of Tom Sturridge's Dream from Neil Gaiman adaptation of The Sandman

“What astounded me through this process was how often it felt like I was walking around inside the comics,” Gaiman said at the event. “Everything from the sense to the costumes to the effects felt it had been plucked from my imagination.”

The first look shows the opening scene where we are introduced to Morpheus, a.k.a. Dream, the titular ruler of Dreaming — and Kirby Howell-Baptiste — who plays Death, Dream’s sister.

According to Variety, “The story follows Morpheus after he’s escaped 105 years of imprisonment on Earth by occultist Roderick Burgess (Charles Dance) who, when attempting to capture Death in 1912, captured Dream instead. Upon his escape, Dream must reclaim the three totems of his power — his pouch of sand, his helm (which looks like an elaborate gas mask), and a ruby — before he can reconstitute and rebuild the dilapidated Dreaming world.”