Masaba Gupta shares love as she celebrates pride month

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Every year in June people from all over the world rejoice and celebrate Pride Month. The entire month is dedicated to the LGBTQ+ community. Masaba has never shied away from sharing her support for important movements across the world. As the world gets into this Pride Month, Masaba took to her social media to share some love for the movement.

Masaba Gupta shares love as she celebrates pride month

Masaba took to her social media and shared a picture of herself with the caption, “No sides just love (sic).” She emphasizes that there are no sides to be taken in this movement, but it’s all about sharing and giving love to one another irrespective of their preference of partner.

Pride Month increases attentiveness in common people about the LGBTQ+ community. It goes on to show the world that how far the rights for them have gone up and also how much more is yet to be achieved.

The month is all about equality, teaching acceptance, education in pride history, and above all, sharing love. During this month, people all over the world try to educate each other about why you should be proud of who you are, no matter who you love. That’s exactly what Masaba’s post signifies.

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