Lata Mangeshkar discharged from hospital, returns home

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After 28 days in hospital, India’s most beloved singer Lata Mangeshkar finally returned to her home in Prabhu Kunj , Peddar Road to a rousing welcome from her fans, well-wishers and friends.

Lata Mangeshkar discharged from hospital, returns home

But for those close to her, hoping to visit and meet Lataji, there is disappointment in store. Lataji is allowed no guests, at least not for some time. And it is doubtful whether she will be able to meet even those outside the family who are very close to her, as the family is keeping strict vigil over her routine ensuring she does not strain herself in any way.

Lataji was admitted to the hospital on November 11 due to severe lung infection. Since then she has been slowly and steadily recuperating while some twitter users continued to play prophets of doom, declaring her dead.

I recall an earlier incident when Twitter had declared Lataji “no more”.

Her voice brimming with mischief, Lataji’s legendary sense of humour had surfaced unannounced when she said, “Every time they kill me off on social media, I think a few years are added to my life.”

Welcome back, Lata Didi. We love you more than you would ever know. We need you down here. The Gods can take care of themselves.

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