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MUMBAI: Missed an episode of your favourite show? Well, we are here to update you. Read on for written updates on all the shows you love!Ye Hai Mohabbatein: Rohan Steals Medicine Cabinet for Alia The episode starts with Karan trying to convince Ruhi. Ishita and Raman wonder how Alia has low blood pressure. Mihika says that Alia has been fasting for Rohan as she had vowed to observe the fast after Rohan comes out of the jail all fit and fine. Raman screams at everyone. Rohan apologises for being the reason but Ishita calms him and asks him to get a few medicines.Karan is trying his level best to impress Ruhi and win her trust. He asks the staff to donate his food to the poor. Ruhi then says that she can never get impressed with him. Ishita and Shagun make Raman understand that Rohan is a changed man now and that he is surely making much efforts to win Alia and all their trust.Rohan goes to the store, but as there is no chemist, he calls and asks Ishita which saline he needs to bring. Ishita tells him that any company will do. But Rohan doesn’t find any chemist, he enters the store and tries to bring the box in which the saline is kept. Ishita, Raman, and Shagun wait for Rohan to come fast and they get shocked to see Rohan getting the entire box home. Raman screams at him for bringing the entire box. Ishita asks Raman to be polite and asks Rohan to give the box back to the shop after she takes out the right saline from it.Ranveer comes out and Yug congratulates him for the job. Yug asks him for a party but Ranveer says that he will surely give them a party once he gets his salary, Yug agrees and they are about to leave but Ranveer sees Ruhi and shows Yug and says that she is the new boss who has considered him for the job.Karan coms from behind and tells Ranveer that in no time, Ruhi will get irritated of his work and will throw him out of the job. Yug comes to his rescue and screams at Karan for demoralizing Ranveer.Karan is super shocked and wonders if what he saw is true and says that Yug looks exactly like Aditya Bhalla. He decides to inform Sudha as soon as possible.Ishita and Raman ask Alia to eat and Rohan comes in and asks her to take good care and warns her never to observe the fast. Shagun pulls Rohan’s leg and talks about bringing the entire cabinet of medicine home so that Alia would get fine. Alia gets super impressed and happy to hear that and looks undivided at Rohan. Ishita and Mihika laugh and call it cute. Rohan feels shy and leaves the room. Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira Loses Her Memory The episode starts with Naira meeting Kartik at the garden they frequented during happier times. She wants to speak with Kartik after knowing the truth about her child. When the two meet, a speeding truck moves towards them.Kartik escapes unhurt with minor scratches but the accident seems to have had an impact on Naira’s memory. Kartik who falls on the other side of the road tries to locate Naira in the crowd that has gathered.He spots Naira at a distance and calls her name aloud, but she turns a deaf ear. Since she doesn’t remember her name, she does not respond.She moves forward not knowing where to go while Kartik follows her in the crowd. She pays a visit to a Dargah where she tells the Baba about her memory loss. He assures her that things will be alright soon, and asks her to visit the nearest police station to seek help.Kartik also reaches the Dargah in search of Naira, but he fails to trace her.Meanwhile, the matriarchs of Goenka and Singhania household, Badi Dadi and Dadi respectively, tell their respective family members not to interfere in Naira and Kartik’s matter. They feel that the couple should sort out the differences between them without being influenced by anyone else.Ishqbaaaz: Mannat Forced to Replace Sonia and Marry Shivansh The episode begins with Nani almost dropping the haldi bowl, which Shivansh and Mannat immediately help her hold. In that process though, Shivansh accidentally applies the mehendi on Mannat’s hand.Shivani notices it and is about to say something when Shivansh asks her to keep mum and ignore it. As Mannat is walking towards Sonia’s room, she notices Varun and decides to confide in him.She tells him everything about Varun’s plan to him. He tells her not to worry and that he will warn Shivansh. Mannat then takes the bowl and enters Sonia’s room but she’s not around.Varun then speaks to her as the kidnapper and tells her that he has been doing all her work such as making Sonia disappear. Mannat refuses to do so but Varun convinces her by threatening to kill Munni.She then wears Sonia’s bridal ensemble and cries as she will be betraying the entire family. Shivansh enters and Mannat is about to take this as an opportunity to reveal to him that Varun is behind everything when Varun follows.Shivansh then takes Mannat with her downstairs. Nani holds Mannat and Shivansh’s hand and states how he just fulfilled all her wishes.While Shivansh has his doubts, even Mannat has her own apprehensions. Mannat thinks running away would be ideal when Varun speaks to her and tells her not to do anything stupid.Munni comes running in the house with a bomb on her that nobody but Mannat notices. Varun then tells her that any wrong move and the entire mansion will blow up.Both Shivansh and Mannat have no option but to get married. AVarun exchanges the fake pandit for a real pandit, to make sure the two of them get married for real.Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Veena Approves of Anurag and Prerna’s Relationship The episode begins with Komolika admitting to Moloy and Rajesh that she did what she did for Anurag and no one else.Komolika then adds that she only did what she thought was right at the moment. Moloy then asks her to come with him to meet Mohini and admit the truth.At first, Komolika refuses to accompany him. However, when Moloy tells her that he will drag her father in all this, she complies. As she leaves her room, Mishka passes a snarky comment that karma bites back.At the Sharma residence, Veena drags Prerna to their house and locks her in the room. Anurag then comes over and tries to explain things to Veena but she refuses to listen to him. Shivani immediately unlocks Prerna’s room and asks her to save Anurag.Veena is upset with their behaviour and expresses the same. Prerna then adds that she is in love with Anurag and will stand up for their love. Veena is about to slap her when Anurag comes between the two of them and gets slapped instead.Anurag and Prerna then sit Veena down and explain to her how they are in love and plan to get married. Anurag then promises to Veena that he will speak to Mohini tonight itself about marriage with Prerna.Veena finally complies and hugs both of them. She states that they have her blessing. Shivani also comes forward and embraces them.Veena takes Anurag and Prerna to the temple of the house and prays for their well being. Meanwhile, Moloy and Rajesh are talking in the hall about Anurag and Prerna.Moloy extends a proposal to Rajesh and asks Prerna’s hand in marriage with Anurag. Komolika returns and adds that she won’t accompany them and that they can do whatever they want. Moloy and Rajesh then leave her residence as she thinks of how things will go downhill for them. 

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