GOT7’s Yugyeom tells a gritty tale of self-destruction after failure in love in cinematic ‘All Your Fault’ music video featuring Gray 

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Five months after leaving their former company JYP Entertainment, seven members of popular South Korean group GOT7, have found new representations for themselves. With their solo careers on the rise, each of them has been dropping new music and is gearing up for their acting venture. The youngest one amongst the group, Yugyeom, repped by hip-hop company AOMG, has dropped his solo album ‘Point Of View: U’ along with cinematic music from the title track ‘All Your Fault’ ft. Gray, a well-known music producer, and rapper.

GOT7's Yugyeom tells a gritty tale of self-destruction after failure in love in cinematic 'It's Your Fault' music video featuring Gray 

In the music video, Yugyeom plays the main protagonist in this crime-thriller genre story as it kicks off with him getting arrested. You witness another car in the background with a dead body of a girl. Now, handcuffed and in the police interrogation room, we see the story unfold of him being broken in love after getting either cheated on by his girlfriend or it was one side love story, all along. He is unable to come to the terms that the girl is with someone else. He embarks on the path of self-destruction with alcohol, street fights, laying on the ground near a garbage area completely intoxicated. The story leads up to him not able to control his anger and actually killing the man, and the love of his life before getting caught by the police in a chase sequence.

The music video depicts the harsh reality of toxic relationships. It is a living embodiment of how one person in a relationship can’t take ‘no’ for an answer which leads to extreme consequences. Yugyeom plays the protagonist’s role really well and it is quite intriguing to see him use a gritty storyline as a solo debut piece. The lyrics reflect the gritty reality, “You don’t know even now / I’m the only one foolishly / Thinking of you more every day / I will keep on waiting for your love / I just wanna know you I won’t hesitate / I can’t believe how I am these days / I don’t care about other girls / I just wanna love you / You’ve been on my mind.”

Yugyeom and Gray co-composed and pen the lyrics for ‘All Your Fault’. The music producer Gray also features in the music video. On June 11, he dropped has dropped the pre-release track I Want U Around’ with DeVita as the featured artist.

The 7-track album ‘Point Of View: U’ is produced by Gray and Cha Cha Malone. AOMG artists DeVita, Gray, Loco, Jay Park, and Punchnello will be featured on the tracks.

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