From BTS, Taeyeon to EXO’s D.O and GOT7’s Jinyoung – monthly roundup of Korean music releases in July 2021

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The month of July gave us some wonderful hits. With artists like BTS, BM, AleXa, Even of Day (Day6) making a comeback, to the highly anticipated solo debut of EXO’s D.O., July has something for every listener.

From BTS, Taeyeon to EXO's D.O and GOT7's Jinyoung - monthly roundup of Korean music releases in July 2021

From R&B to Hip Hop, from ballad to pop, there’s a song for every taste. Here’s our roundup of some of the best and memorable Korean comebacks of July 2021.

South Korean septet BTS took the music charts by storm once again with their English language tracks Butter and ‘Permission to Dance’. Co-written by Ed Sheeran, ‘Permission to Dance’ is a dance-pop track. Featuring a diverse cast, to the inclusion of sign language for the signature step, BTS won hearts once again with their music. The track is filled with vibrant visuals, a happy feeling, and an overall energized emotion. The song debut atop on Billboard Hot 100 replacing ‘Butter’ after it reigned for seven consecutive weeks since the release in May 2021.

BM of KARD has had a promising year so far, beginning with a single and ending with a solo album. BM released his solo album The First Statement featuring the lead single ‘13IVI’. The rapper established a reputation for himself as a hiphop artist with singles like ‘Broken Me’ and ‘Body Movin’. ‘13IVI’ is a powerful track that highlights BM skills as an all-round performer – dancer, rapper, singer and producer.

AleXa has been one of the most promising rookies. The singer-rapper has charmed the listeners with the futuristic themes in the music videos, to her powerful singing and rapping skills. Her latest comeback ReviveR opened the month of July with pomp and energy. The title track ‘Xtra’, sung in collaboration with KARD’s BM, is a peppy and funky track. Filled with vibrant visuals and electro music, ‘Xtra’ by AleXa will pump up energy in any party!

ONEWE released their first mini-album Planet Nine: Alter Ego on July 6, 2021. ‘AuRoRa’ features as the mini-album’s title track. The song is resplendent with stunning visuals. Sticking to their identity as band, ONEWE delivered a powerful performance in their latest comeback. The song is replete with rock music and echo-like vocals, thus making it a must-listen for the fans of rock!

DPR Live made a comeback with the EP IITE COOL. The title track ‘Hula Hoops’ also features MAMAMOO’s Hwasa and rapper Beenzino. The dance crew of 1Million Dance Studio also participated in the music video. The song is a perfect summer party anthem with its rapid beats and rising tempo. The track is funky with the essence of hip-hop music in it.

Even of Day made a comeback after a long wait. After their debut mini album, The Book of Us: Gluon, Day6’s subunit Even of Day chose a new storyline and fresh perspective in their latest comeback ‘Right Through Me’. The title track borrows its name from the album title, and is a jazzy number. The trio showcases their vocal and musical capabilities with this album once again, and speak about loneliness, the struggle, and the eventual light at the end of the tunnel.

SF9 made a much-awaited comeback with Turn Over. The mini-album was released on July 5, 2021. The music video for the title track ‘Tear Drop’ is filled with stellar visuals and symbols. The vocals and the music blend seamlessly and create a harmonious balance. The track features rapid beats and the chorus is catchy. The confluence of breathy vocals and steady music in the chorus make it a groovy track.

Taeyeon added a splash of pastels and bubble-gum pop with her cute single ‘Weekend’. The music video is replete with hues of pink, orange, and purple. Taeyeon’s highly expressive vocals in this pop number make one’s feet tap the moment the song begins. The retro-themed song is an instant mood lifter.

OnlyOneOf greeted the fans with a single this time. Titled ‘? (Question Mark)’, the song is about the countless questions rising in one’s mind after seeing a certain someone after a while. The song is hazy and features rapid beats. The emotions of uncertainty and rush of emotions are reflected beautifully in the lyrics. Members Nine, Mill, and Love took part in making the song.

Spinning a web of relatable lyrics and vocal charms, Suran brings a track that is an instant earworm. ‘Blanket’ features a guest rap verse from rapper Wonstein as well. The song speaks about staying at home, cuddled up in a blanket, and watching TV all day long. The echo-like music lends the song a trance-like feeling.

COLDE released the single ‘When the Dawn Comes’ in collaboration with EXO’s Baekhyun. The song is an R&B track infused with COLDE and Baekhyun’s breathy vocals. The single also served as a pleasant listen to the fans of EXO’s Baekhyun who is currently away on military enlistment. ‘When the Dawn Comes’ is a song that speaks about dwelling in the past, and the back forth between the past and the present.

EXO’s D.O.’s solo debut is undoubtedly one of the highly anticipated musical releases of 2021. The vocalist released an R&B mini-album ‘Empathy’ which is replete with emotions and sweet feelings. Previously, he had released a single titled ‘That’s Okay’ prior to his military enlistment. The album features eight tracks in three languages. EXO’s D.O. played to his charms of bright vocals and emotional vocals. The title track ‘Rose’ is a love confession and the acoustic guitar riffs lend a happy-go-lucky feel to the song.

From the singer who gave us the funk-rock track ‘Empty Trash’, comes another rock track ‘NEED (eee-ooo)’. The track is infused with Loren’s drowsy vocals and heavy guitar riffs. He sticks to the themes of loneliness and post-modernist emotions. He delivers a promising performance yet again with ‘NEED’.

GOT7’s Jinyoung surprised the fans with the single ‘Dive’ released on July 29, 2021. Following the exit from GOT7’s former label earlier this year and focusing on his acting project, this is the first song the singer has released. The song has a vibrant summery feel to it, accompanied by Jinyoung’s bright vocals. The percussions along with the electric guitar lend a fresh vibe to the song. It is perfect to listen to during a weekend, a road trip, or any time of the day you feel like it! The song will lift up your spirits in an instant. Jinyoung is currently seen in the dystopian legal drama The Devil Judge alongside Ji Sung.

This time, Dreamcatcher takes a different route than their previous musical releases. The group made a comeback with ‘BEcause’ on July 30, 2021. The title of the same name features semi-rock music in confluence to the catchy chorus. The music video sticks to the futuristic and hauntingly beautiful visuals. The element of ‘horror’ is ever-present in the song.

SPECIAL MENTION: Tiger JK’s ‘Love Peace’, 2z’s ‘[email protected]’, Yenjamin’s ‘Palm Tree’, Jannabi’s ‘I Know Where The Rainbow Has Fallen’, NIve’s ‘Escape’ and ‘I’m Alive’, Peakboy’s ‘Gyopo Hair’, ASH ISLAND’s ‘GroovyRoom’, Girlkind’s ‘Good Vibes Only’, BewhY’s ‘Celebration’, The Boyz’ ‘Drink It’, Punchnello’s ‘Back’ and ‘Boy In The Mirror’, AKMU’s ‘Nakka’ feat. IU, CIX’s ‘Teserract’ (Prod. HUI, Minit), MONSTA X’s ‘Kiss Or Death’, and ATEEZ’s ‘Dreamers’.

Which of these tracks caught your attention? Did you find a new favourite artist this time?

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