EXCLUSIVE: “Sunny Leone is so professional” – says Dabboo Ratnani on shooting annual calendar shoot

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The sensual and one of the most gorgeous divas Sunny Leone is yet again a part of the annual Dabboo Ratnani calendar shoot for the year 2021. The actress is truly one of a kind and manages to pose in alluring style every time. Now, Dabboo Ratnani, in an exclusive interview with Bollywood Hungama, shared his experience of working with Sunny Leone/

EXCLUSIVE: "Sunny Leone is so professional" - says Dabboo Ratnani on shooting annual calendar shoot

Dabboo recalled an incident when he and Sunny shot a campaign in Thailand and how they got along very well with each other. The ace photographer revealed, “Sunny and I connected through some campaign shoot that I had done with her. We had done one shoot where we went to Thailand together; it was for a brand calendar. Daniel Webber had joined us, Manisha was there. So, we really bonded and we had an incredible shoot. She’s extremely professional. It was a two-day shoot when we shot in Thailand. On the first day of the shoot, we had got an amazing shoot and we got lots of props and we got horses and cars and jeeps and boats and we did the whole production together. The next morning the card got corrupted and the memory card was not reading those images. So, I was really stressed and when she walked into the set, she saw me and Manisha and I could not even speak, I was so stressed out. Because losing a whole day shoot in a foreign location and the card was not reading. We were sending it to the local places in Thailand to kind of recover the card and it was not happening. I was calling all over the world, I was calling people to kind of get some software and it was not happening. So, she said don’t worry about it, we’ll just finish this shot and we’ll get into all those outfits we shot yesterday and we’ll redo the shot.”

He later added, “So that day she has actually done the full day of what we had planned and plus shots that we have planned – for all the eight or ten shots which were done the first day – she read all the pictures. I mean so much hard work, I couldn’t imagine that. It has never happened to me before. That was the first time and she gave it her 100 %. So, that’s what I was discussing and that’s what really connected us and I’m really thankful.”

Dabboo concluded by appreciating Sunny’s hard work and her passion for the work and said, “I think in terms of shooting with her, she’s so professional, she’s quick and she does like amazing pictures. She makes beautiful pictures. That confidence, that trust, that body language, the expressions everything just put together makes always a great shot and again it’s a trust factor I think which I have built over these last so many years.”

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