EXCLUSIVE: “I wanted to do it for my mother, my grandparents and for myself”- Prateik Babbar on battling drug addiction

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Bollywood actor Prateik Babbar , today, is a completely different man. Having successfully battled a drug addiction, the actor is now completely focussed on his work, fitness and family. He has an interesting line up of projects including Mumbai Saga, India Lockdown, Chakravyuh, and Bachchan Pandey.While things have turned better for the actor, he has never refrained from talking about his past.

EXCLUSIVE: “I wanted to do it for my mother, my grandparents and for myself”- Prateik Babbar on battling drug addiction

In a recent talk with Bollywood Hungama, Prateik spoke up about winning the battle against drug addiction. “The most important emotion for me was that I missed the craft. It was so emotional, that was what drew me back, the craft, the love from admirers and people who have seen me on screen and loved me and wanted to see more of me,” the actor said.

Talking about what kept him going through his battle, he said, “There were many factors. My grandparents passing away and stuff like that. It’s been a journey. Everyone has their own journey, everyone has their own battles to face. So I guess for me, it was missing the craft and wanting to give back to those people who love me. I wanted to do it for my mother, my grandparents and for myself. I felt like this was my calling. Few years ago when things were going pretty well at a good pace, suddenly everything came crumbling down. I think at that time also I felt that this was my calling. I guess it all fell into place.” Prateik is the son of actor Raj Babbar and late actress Smita Patil.

“The journey of losing my grandparents and the understanding of the relationship with my mother and my father. I guess the relationship I had with all my fans that never knew me but loved me unconditionally. All of that just fell into place. But I think what really pushed me to really take that step ahead and go out there and chase my dreams or passion again was when my grandmother passed away. It was a big shock for me,” he added.

Further talking about the importance of mental strength in his life, Prateik said, “ It takes a lot of mental strength to pick yourself up and keep going. I think my surroundings have helped me a lot, my friends, my family and my own will to succeed and be somebody, to dream again and all of that automatically made me strong and prepared me for whatever has to come my way.

Some people tell me that I don’t realise how strong I am because I had a strange childhood without a mother. So being strong was always there within me. I guess I just had to make that decision of picking myself up.”

“I just committed to myself and I made up my mind. You know what I have to do for myself, my mother, my grandparents, my father and my loved ones. I need to prove to myself that I can turn this entire situation around. So far so good. There’s a lot more work to do,” he concluded.

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