Erica Fernandes on Kuch Rang season 3 – “I feel proud to be part of the show that is coming back on public demand”

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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is all set to make a grand comeback on screen with a much-awaited season 3, which has not only gotten the fans of the show super excited for its return, but the show’s cast is also very excited about its new season.

Erica Fernandes on Kuch Rang season 3 - "I feel proud to be part of the show that is coming back on public demand"

Erica Fernandes who debuted in the television industry with her portrayal of Sonakshi Bose in Kuch Rang Pyar Ke which went on to become a much loved iconic character, cannot wait for season 3 to make its comeback on screen.

Sharing her excitement of associating with the show again, Erica says,”Kuch rang to me and I am sure many others is not just a show, it’s an emotion, it’s a sentiment. What makes it different is the fact that it was and will be made with common experiences of life which most of us have and are facing, which makes it very relatable. People can see themselves in the characters we portray on screen, and the reason why there is so much oneness among the characters is that we ourselves feel like we are enacting an episode from our lives. The subtleness is what makes it unique, and for me, it didn’t take a second to agree to take on the show again when I heard about season 3. This show and Sonakshi’s character are too dear to me. For all that this show gave me and for the overwhelming love and appreciation I have been receiving from the fans of this show to date, the least I could do was come back as Sonakshi in season 3.”

Talking about Kuch Rang being recreated for the third season, Erica shares,” I feel proud to be part of a show that is coming back on public demand and one which people love so much. It’s coming back not once but twice after its inaugural season on tv. We are extremely excited to begin shoot soon, and once again relive our characters”.

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