BTS’ J-Hope drops full version of ‘Blue Side’ on third anniversary of his 2018 mixtape ‘Hope World’ 

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It’s March 1st and there’s already new music coming our way from none other than BTS. Marking the third anniversary of his first mixtape ‘Hope World’, rapper-songwriter-producer J-Hope has released the full version of his outro track ‘Blue Side’.

BTS' J-Hope drops full version of 'Blue Side' on third anniversary of his 2018 mixtape 'Hope World' 

Released back on March 2 in 2018, the outro is produced by Hiss noise, Adora and written by Hiss noise, Adora, J-Hope. The artwork cover, designed by Eddie Kang who is a known Korean artist, has a lot of miniature figurines which depict J-Hope’s love for collectibles, multiple words that are a direct callback to the album ‘Hope World’.

There’s mention of Pandora’s Box and there’s a special meaning behind it. Back in 2019, BTS released the docu-series, Bring The Soul. In episode 4 titled Influence, J-Hope was in conversation with fellow band member Jimin when he revealed how his name came to be. “Me, RM, and Bang Si Hyuk were there,” he began. “When we were making names, I said I wanted ‘Ho’ in my name, so at first it was J-Ho,” he said. “We kept thinking, ‘J-Ho? J-Ho? J-Hope?’. That’s how we came up with my name. The meanings came after that. Pandora’s box was mentioned, and the last thing left in the box was hope. We were all like, ‘Hope’.”

If anyone has read the Greek ancient mythology of Pandora’s Box, they would know the details of it. Moving on, there are multiple words mentioned in the artwork including his birth year, the date he released his mixtape, song lyrics, and more.

The whole album had a great vibe to it. ‘Hope World’ was the first mixtape J-Hope ever released. It was back when the anticipation was high to know more about his solo work. It was an in-depth outlet where the rapper gave an insight into what he is like beyond his public image. To everyone, he is J-Hope; but beyond the public persona, he is a young man named Jung Hose-ok who wanted to talk about his dreams, wishes, sorrows, and joy!

I felt / Wanting to walk alone on that blue road / To the rainbow bridge ahead / I’m singing my blues / Singing my bloom Back in my room / I miss the blue me, and those light breathed days” – ‘Blue Side’, which closes the album, is a dreamy and serene track about him wishing to go back in time when he was young, clueless and it had all the good memories. Reportedly, he had worked on the track right after ‘1 Verse’ in 2015.

This song really comes at a time when all of us are yearning to go back to our lives before the pandemic changed the landscape of the living. The song has the same feeling as reciprocated by him wanting to go back to a little easier time. It is the perfect comfort song in 2021.

Though it is a full version of his mixtape track, ‘Blue Side’ is his first solo release since 2019’s ‘Chicken Noodle Soup’ feat. Becky G.

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