BTS drops country-themed music video teaser for ‘Permission To Dance’ 

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Following the stupendous success of their second English single Butter‘, which has been atop on Billboard Hot 100 chart for six consecutive weeks, pop icons BTS has dropped the music video teaser for their upcoming new track ‘Permission To Dance’.

BTS drops country-themed music video teaser for 'Permission To Dance' 

Set against the backdrop of the countryside, BTS members are seen grooving in the sunny weather in the first teaser. RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook are all dressed in denim fits with their cowboy hats on as sway to the smooth beats of the track. They sing the chorus “We don’t need permission to dance.”

There a lot of hidden gems in the teaser – Suga holds a newspaper with headlines that read, “Purple balloons signal the end of covid-19”, “Goodbye Covid-19”, “Our life goes on” which is a callback to their song ‘Life Goes On’ from their last album ‘BE’, “We all worked together to overcome this. Nothing could stop us,” “2022 – the beginning of a new era” and “BYE”. Another important observation is how J-Hope points at a signboard that has names mentioned of Seoul, ARMY, San Francisco, London, Kenya, Moscow, Egypt, Berlin, and Paris. Could these be a hint at how they might tour next year?

If one takes a closer look at some of the backdrops, the quotes read “Just keep the right vibe” and “Live just like we are golden”. These could be the hint at the lyrics of the songs. The music video teaser seems to be good old days but also juxtaposed with the present-day vibes in the post-COVID-19 era. It’s the way it is presented that makes it even interesting.

All things point to how COVID-19 brought the world to a standstill, everyone’s lives changed drastically and it also kept BTS away from meeting their fans in person after their tour was postponed. If Dynamite was their way of giving positivity to the world, ‘Life Goes On’ was in a way motivating everyone to power through tough times. ‘Butter’ was a pop anthem that showcased how we are now finding our footing in the new normal. Now, ‘Permission To Dance’ welcomes the new era of their music and that the hope that life could be much better in 2022.

BTS’ upcoming CD single ‘Butter’ is slated for release on July 9. The CD will include ‘Butter’, the summer song that took the music scene by storm, and a brand new track called ‘Permission to Dance’ that will get your heart pumping. World-renowned musicians Ed Sheeran as well as Steve Mac, Jenna Andrews, and Johnny McDaid have participated in making the song.

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