Bigg Boss 15: Karan Kundrra Takes A Stand For The Women In The House Against Pratik’s Preposterous Behaviour

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The drama inside the house of Bigg Boss 15 is touching new heights with each passing day. As we know the house has been divided between gharwasis and junglewasis. Pratik’s way of approaching the game has left many baffled and infuriated in the past as well but, this time he took it too far. He broke the latch of the bathroom while Vidhi was having a shower inside and all hell broke loose.

It immensely backfired on Pratik as all junglewasis came down heavily on him like a set of proverbial bricks. Karan Kundrra, who’s known for handling difficult situations too blasted Pratik for this highly despicable act and his irresponsible behaviour. To this Pratik replied by saying that he didn’t think of anything else and was just focusing on his game, this angered Karan even more.

Karan stood up for Vidhi as he said that Pratik’s action made Vidhi feel insecure and threatened. He told Pratik that there are certain things that are apart from the game and one should maintain basic decency. Karan warned him in very clear words that he should be respectful towards women and not cross certain lines.

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