Bigg Boss 15: Jay Bhanushali and Pratik Sehajpal to face Salman Khan’s wrath in the Weekend Ka Vaar

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In this fight for glory in Bigg Boss 15, each contestant is putting their best foot forward to make it to the upcoming challenges in the house. While a few made sure to mark their presence by strategising relations, others resorted to being nothing but ‘Khaali Ghadas’ or empty vessels who just make noise but hold no story of their own. Host Salman Khan has brought in a new task for the housemates this ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ where they have to nominate the ‘Khaali Ghada’ (empty vessel) of this house with ‘aapsi sehmati’ or ‘Bahutmat’.

As the contestants decide on a name, Salman takes on the person who has been the actual empty vessel, Jay Bhanushali. “Sirf aawaz hai. Koi mudda nahi hai! Humein dikh raha hai hai ki Jay woh khaali ghada hai jo bina matlab ke bajte rehta hai,” Salman points out on stage. Jay tries defending himself, “Main kuch keh sakta hoon?” But Salman retorts, “Nahi mat kahiye aap. Jahan pe kehna chahiye wahan pe toh keh nahi rahe ho aap!” Jay hangs his head in disappointment.

Salman also takes ‘pai-pai ka hisaab’ from Pratik, who had crossed all limits while insulting Rajiv. “Pratik, yeh koi comedy hai kya kisika mazaak udaana? Kya matlab tha jo tum Rajiv ko bol rahe they?” Salman rebukes. Pratik pleads, saying it wasn’t his intention. Salman reprimands Pratik that he wouldn’t have tolerated it if it was him, “Main tumhaara haal kya karta, tum soch lo. Tum bheek maangte ki mujhe iss ghar se nikalo!”

The series of dhamakas will continue as Kartik Aaryan arrives on the show to promote his upcoming movie Dhamaka. After he arrives, Salman gives him a warm welcome before the two have a gala time. He even praises Kartik for making the right choices in films!

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