Ayushmann has no off days, shoots back-to-back new brand endorsement campaigns

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Bollywood actor Ayushmann Khurrana is one of the busiest stars of Bollywood now. Having seen a meteoric rise to stardom after delivering eight back to back hits, Ayushmann is now a hot property for top brands who want to rope in him as their ambassador. Ayushmann’s brand equity resonates reliability, honestly, transparency and is considered one of the most real, relatable stars in the movie business today. Being an outsider, his rise to stardom makes him one of the most keenly sought after youth icons in the history of Indian cinema.

Ayushmann has no off days, shoots back-to-back new brand endorsement campaigns

Ayushmann was spotted shooting for a new brand endorsement deal and upon enquiry, we found out that the star will be shooting for back to back endorsement campaigns till the middle of this month before he starts to shoot his next film Doctor G. Clearly, Ayushmann has no off days, not that he is complaining!

A trade source reveals, “Ayushmann was one of the first actors to come out and shoot despite the pandemic. He had made his intent clear that he will contribute towards restarting the industry. Even now, obviously with full precautions, Ayushmann hasn’t stopped working. He is shooting every day and will soon start shooting his next film. If you see Ayushmann’s career, he doesn’t take too many breaks and immerses himself in work constantly. With his growing popularity, brands are queuing up to him and he is picking and choosing the best brands to associate with.”

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